Brand Electronics has the capability to develop,
       prototype and produce embedded microprocessor        electronics.

       Some recent development projects:


A complete energy monitoring system for the Mars Society Martian Habitat. This system monitors PV, generator and battry systems which are used to power the simulated hab. The hab is used to study human scientific martian mission.). 

The control board for the Pine Hill Equipment Marine Propulsion Indicating System.  The system provides reliable position indication and or control for one or two 360 degree thruster units. 

Other recent projects include:

  • A performance display and realtime logging (with PC interface) monitor for an innovative solar air heater.

  • A real time power and volt-amp analog output circuit for a TIG welder power factor controller.

  • An elevator door mechanism diagnostic system.  This system measures the power applied to the door motor and has saved the company thousands of dollars in service call backs.

  • A control circuit for a wildlife call device.

  • A control circuit for a wildlife infrared detection camera shutter control.

  • An indoor/outdoor power indicating system utilizing large LED and scrolling information signs (installed at BP Solar Headquarters).

Brand Electronics custom designed electronics can bring innovative, competitive and state of the art control and monitoring to just about any product.

We specialize in economical, ultra-fast turn around! 

We offer creative cost management consisting of a modest up front engineering development fee (fully garanteed!), in return, the customer commits to a minimum number of production units.  This dramatically reduces the up front cost and risk to the customer wishing to implement custom electronics in their product line.

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