HiGee/LoGee Ultra Small, Ultra Light
    Shock Logger / Acceleration Logger

LoGee-10 Special Price only $199.95!

Part Number: HiGee
Price: $299.95

Shock Recorder

3.35" x 2.2" x 1"

Tri-Axial shock recorder,  up to 120 day battery life. NEW! All loggers also have temperature recording. Online Ordering at bottom of page.

The HiGee/LoGee are ultra-small, ultra-light, 3-axis, battery powered, stand-alone, programmable shock recorders.  These low-cost recording devices measure and records the peak acceleration levels to which it is exposed, along with their time of occurrence.  

The HiGee is designed for documenting dynamic environments such as packages,moving vehicles, trains, containers, ships, etc.  The device is also useful in characterizing environments such as production and assembly lines of delicate electronics, IC fabrication, communications and computer components.  

During operation the HiGee can measure and record up to 16,000 (64,000 LoGee-10) time-tagged peak acceleration levels per axis. Once activated the HiGee senses and records the peak acceleration levels that occur within adjacent "time bin" periods.  The bin period is selectable from 1 second to 12 hours, (continuous logging at up to 100 hz is also possible) At the end of each bin period, the highest acceleration sensed within that period is stored.

HiGee's data recorder software is an easy to use Windows-based software package that allows the user to effortlessly collect, display and analyze data. The HiGee software and cable starter kit is included with HiGee data loggers.

Also available: LoGee 10 which is the same as the as the HiGee, except it has a reduced acceleration range of -10G to +10G, and 3 axis, but a higher acceleration resolution, longer battery life and extended memory (64,000 data points), and works in static acceleration environments.

  • Built-In Accelerometers (3)
  • Low Cost Shock Verification
  • No Wires - No Installation Cost
  • Excellent Low Frequency Response
  • Measures & Records Peak Shock Level, Duration, Velocity Change, Date & Time
  • Drop Height Measurement Mode for Package Test Shipments
  • Operational In Seconds
  • Record Keeping Simplified
  • Replaces Costly Strip Chart Recorders
  • Displays and Prints Data in Graphical or Tabular Form
  • Easily placed anywhere
  • No Programming experience necessary
  • Real Time Operation
  • 10 Bit A/D resolution
  • Up to 1 khz Digitization Rate
  • Shipping Container Impacts
  • Vehicle Impacts
  • Ballistic Impacts
  • Railcar Coupling Impacts
  • Container Testing
  • Transit Monitoring
  • Aircraft Takeoff & Landing Recording
  • Brake Testing
  • Fragility Testing
  • Laboratory Drop Testing
  • Crash/Impact Testing
  • Machinery Monitoring
  • Aircraft Turbulence Measurement
Acceleration Accuracy: ? 0.5 G           (LoGee: ?0.1 G)
Acceleration Resolution: .5 G (10 bit)   (LoGee: 0.1 G)
Acceleration Range: +50 G to -50 G   (LoGee: -10G to +10G)
Acceleration Calibration: Digital calibration is available through software.
Sampling Rate: 200 micro-second (>1000 Hz digitization)
Recording Interval
(Time Bin Period): 
100 per second to 2 per day, selectable through software.  
Start Time:  The start time and date is completely programmable enabling users to synchronize multiple devices and delay start of data collection
until device is in place.  
Real Time Recording:  Future feature. All loggers eligible for free future firmware updates.
Memory:  16,000 peak acceleration readings or 16,000 peak acceleration readings per channel (LoGee 10 64,000).
Power: User Replaceable Battery, up to 120 days or 2880 hrs at lowest setting. Ships with required batteries.  
Time Accuracy:  ? 5 minute per month at 20 oC
Data Format:   Date and Time stamped, X, Y, Z  -  G Force.
Weight: . 4 oz!.
Computer Interface: PC serial (RS232C)  interface cable included)
Software:  Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8
Operating Environment:  -40? to 80? C (-40? to 176?F), 5 to 95% RH. (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 3.35" x 2.2" x 1" (5" x 4" x 2" LoGee-10)  
Material:   ABS

Description Part Number Qty 1-9 Qty 10+  
HiGee-50 Shock Data Logger (-50G to +50G) HiGee Not Available $275.00

LoGee-10 Shock Data Logger (-10G to +10G) LoGee $199.95 $175.00

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Note: HiGee LoGee software and cable starter kit is included with HiGee/LoGee data loggers.