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Plug in Meters
Model 4-1850 plug in meter with Watts, kWh, Cost per month, Total Cost $199.95 
Model 4-1850WX plug in meter with Watts, kWh, Cost per year, Total Cost. Weatherization/Refrigerator Replacement Programs. $199.95 
Model 20-1850 plug in meter with additional display features $299.95 
Model 20-1850/CI includes PC interface and software Not Available
Model 21-1850/USB  Data Logging power meter with USB interface Not Available 
Model 21-1850/CI  Data Logging power meter with RS-232 interface Not Available 
CURRENT TRANDUCER option for plug in meters, 30 amp standard (includes plug adapter for x1 and     x10 readings!)(others available, call) Not Available
220 vac option for plug in meters Not Available
Whole House and Solar
Model 20-CTR Whole House/Inverter/Generator Meter (includes all needed accessories) Not Available
Model 20-CTR with 2 CTs Not Available
Custom and distributed multi load systems
Call for configurations 269-365-7744
ONE METER Not Available

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