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Plug in Meters
Model 4-1850 plug in meter with Watts, kWh, Cost per month, Total Cost $149.95 
Model 4-1850WX plug in meter with Watts, kWh, Cost per year, Total Cost. Weatherization/Refrigerator Replacement Programs. $149.95 
Model 20-1850 plug in meter with additional display features $249.95 
Model 20-1850/CI includes PC interface and software $299.95
Model 21-1850/USB  Data Logging power meter with USB interface $399.95 
Model 21-1850/CI  Data Logging power meter with RS-232 interface $349.95 
CURRENT TRANDUCER option for plug in meters, 30 amp standard (includes plug adapter for x1 and     x10 readings!)(others available, call) Add $75
220 vac option for plug in meters Add $25
Whole House and Solar
Model 20-CTR Whole House/Inverter/Generator Meter (includes all needed accessories) $249.95
Model 20-CTR with 2 CTs $299.95
Custom and distributed multi load systems
Call for configurations 269-365-7744
ONE METER Prices start at $375.00

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