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Which of your Power Meters is right for my (fill in the blank) application?

Our Power Meters are designed for either 120 vac plug in use or hardwired applications. If you want to monitor the power use of ordinary plug in type loads (up to 15 amps), then select any of our -1850 series meters. If you want to monitor one or more 120 or 240 vac hardwired or 240 vac plug in loads then select either our 20-CTR series or our OneMeter. If you want to monitor a DC load then select our OneMeter. We will custom configure any of our meters (at additional cost).

Can I install/use your power meters without an electrician?

Yes, the -1850 series power meters are as simple to use as an extension cord! Our hardwired meter products may require the services of an electrician to install.

What kind of computer do I need for your PC interface products?

All of our computer interfaced meters are designed to work with any PC with a RS-232 interface. Some of the software may require Windows 95 or higher. We are happy to provide source code/interface information for those interested in using Mac or Linux.

How do I get help installing/operating my power meter?

Please call, email or fax with your questions!