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The Brand Electronics ONE Meter Solution:


NEW:Web/LAN interface option!

Multiple Power Channels: 1-99, AC or DC
Multiple Display capability (4x20 backlit LCD display)
On board logging  of kw-hrs with battery backup
PC interface (19200, 8N1), RS-232 interface works with any PC, any OS
Modular based, modules can be separated by up to 2000 ft of easy to use/inexpensive CAT-5 LAN cable

Custom applications  available...just ask!  Examples include:
Remote large LED sign (4 inch numbers) (Green Mountain Power Corportate Headquarters)
Grid ON/OFF indication
Battery monitor (in Watt-hours, NOT amp hours)
0+/-500 amp DC sensors
6 channel AC plug in power meter (Sandia National Lab)

The ONE Meter was designed to be us with your specifcations.

SPECIFICATIONS (Standard, many options available):

Overall power accuracy +/-1% AC, +/- 3% DC
Standard inputs:
AC  0-240 vac, 0-65/200 amps (
snap on current transducer)
DC 0-100 vdc, +/- 500/200/100  amps (optically isolated shunt)
Meter power supply:  5 vdc (standard 120 vac wall transformer)

STANDARD DISPAY OUTPUTS (Standard, many options available):


Please call 1-269-365-7744 for more information, or email us!  This is a semi-custom product and we are adding features continuously.  Base price starts at $350 (single AC or DC power channel, one display).  Prices include all needed accessories (sensor, display(s), PC interface adapter, power supply). Options include Oak Trim display(s), multiple AC and or DC power channels, battery monitor, control functions, environmental (temperature, solar insolation, windspeed, wind direction, humidity). Call for all pricing and details.

Example One Meter Diagram (note, DC specs above):



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